Top Android and iPhone Sales Apps

Business development with technology is at it’s all time high for marketing and sales is imperative. The Android and iPhone applications have elaborate possibilities for your business usage. Mobile applications have become ingenious in the last year. Let’s discuss some great investments for your business needs.

Android and iPhone Sales Apps

This is a free mobile collaboration app that can be used anywhere and will allow you to attend and conduct meetings and webinars. This app is especially workable for front facing cameras on your Android and iPhone mobiles or Nexus 7 or iPad tablets. The “fuzing in” function for this app, will dial in for video conferencing from almost anywhere in the U.S.


Collaboration and document management made extremely easy for smartphone users. Also free for document uses such as, MS office, excel and powerpoint files. The great perk about this app is you’re still able to access it when you’re not connected to the internet. Soonr uses Cloud virtuality to enterprise consumer contact and support for your products.

DoubleDutch Hive (CRM)

This remarkable app was designed mostly for field sales representatives. The social function gives the ultimate connectivity for gathering data and closing deals. This lead tracking app is very sensitive to raw data on surveys and leaderboards to give you the advantage for more clients. DoubleDutch Hive is ahead of the game for culminating new sales

Grupio Multi-Event

This is a customized application for event planning and organizing for iPhone and Android users. The app allows you to plan multiple events that are simultaneous. You’re also able to share the plans and details with other team members to keep everyone in sync with the daily changes and processes of your events.


One of the greatest lead management apps a team will ever use is Evernote. To give everyone a fair share in being heard and delivering their great concepts through collaboration, you’ll find that your idea will not be lost among everyone elses. Evernote is considered the “brainstorm” app for groups. It gives sorting and responding functions an expert’s touch of appeal. The entire team will be engrossed in this app.


Staying connected to your sales group no matter where you are is extremely important. Yammer will allow you to share files and keep your conversations private. You will be able to adjust your file sizes and deliver them to your sales group at the drop of a hat. Add other applications as needed through Yammer for an efficient flow of business documents and up to date changes.

Android and iPhone has tons of applications for collaborating, documenting and planning events. You’ll have to tap into what’s new and changing to keep your business growing for a better tomorrow.

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