Tips & Tricks To Become A Professional Online Poker Player

There are a huge number of people who play poker professionally online and make a living from doing so. But you need to remember that they haven’t always been as good at playing online poker as they too had to start somewhere. Every player who now holds professional poker playing status made their way up through the ranks. Sounds difficult doesn’t it? You will be surprised to hear that becoming a professional online poker player is far easier than you think. You just need to know how and be able to stay dedicated. If you have made the decision that you want to play online poker professionally then you better follow these tips and tricks.

Educate Yourself

Playing online poker games is a definite way to get some experience underneath your belt. However to get that professional status you really need to educate yourself on the game. Whatever variation of poker you choose to play read as much as you can about it. Look for books on the game or search YouTube for explainer videos. Take your time and make sure you pay attention to every fine detail.

Only Play With A Clear Mind And Learn When To Quit

The difference between a newbie online poker player and a professional one is that a professional player knows when to play by keeping a clear mind. Learn to realise when you need to quit and take a break. If you are losing hand after hand and getting angry you need to leave the game instead of playing on. If you don’t you soon won’t have the funds to pursue a career as a professional online poker player.

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Specialize In One Variation Of The Game

Not many professional online poker players specialise in more than one game. What most tend to do is pick one particular variation of poker and learn all there is about that specific game. You should do the same it will make things far easier for you.

Play With Friends

Playing online poker with friends who also want to become professional online poker players is one of the best things you can do. You can practice with one another and share knowledge with each other. This will make your path towards professional online poker playing much more enjoyable as you can all help each other out. There aren’t many professional poker players online who didn’t make it without the help of their friends.

Keep Track Of Your Stats

It’s no use thinking you are getting better and turning over a profit when you’re not. Therefore you need to track your statistics to stay on top of the progress you are making. You could write your stats down or use an excel type spreadsheet it’s really up to you. From your stats you will be able to make calculations such as how long you need to play before you start winning and in what types of games you are losing. All professionals track stats. Period.

Take The Free Money

Becoming a poker professional isn’t a short journey. You will need to devote a lot of time and effort into playing and to play you need money. Therefore you should never turn down the offers of free money as this money will allow you to continue playing.


Practice does make perfect and without a lot of practice you won’t become a professional online poker player. A great tip here is to play a number of games simultaneously. Enter 3 or 4 tables at a time and adjust the sizes so they all fit on the same screen. Stay focused and the hours of practice you get will soon mount up.


This is a guest post by Lilly Sheperd, an occasional guest blogger, geek girl. When not blogging or playing online poker on, she likes to cheer her favorite soccer team with her friends.

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