Tips For Planning The Wedding You Really Want

If you have recently gotten engaged then you will know that the once the excitement of announcing the engagement passes it doesn’t take long for your mind to turn to the planning of the wedding. What’s more, it doesn’t take long for everyone else to start putting their two cents worth in as well. If you’re not careful you can let others take over and turn your big day into something you really don’t want it to be. So here are some tips to ensure that your wedding day goes just how you want it to.


Do You Really Need To Invite The Whole Town?

One of the main factors that often leads to the bride and groom feeling that they are not having the wedding that they want is having to invite a whole host of people that they only half know. Once you go down the line of having to invite second cousins, distant relatives and friends of your parents then things can easily spiral out of control.

Don’t worry about inviting people because they invited to their wedding or having family there who barely know your name. Invite only the people that you want to be there with you, no more no less. Even if you only invite a handful of people then at least you will be happy knowing that everyone that you care about is there to see you tie the knot.

How About A Theme?

Wedding Themes

Do you and your partner share a passion? If so then you may enjoy having a special theme for your wedding. Perhaps you are huge sci fi fans, or you are passionate about your local football club and want to get married on the pitch? Whatever your passion you shouldn’t be afraid to explore it and incorporate it into your wedding if it makes you both happy. You may be worried about what your guest will think but guess what it’s your big day, not theirs and chances are they will really enjoy doing something different.

Dispense With Traditions

For many people the thought of standing up in front of a packed church and making a speech to hundreds of guests at the reception is enough to put them of getting married for life. If the thought of a big traditional wedding terrifies you then you don’t have to do it. You could travel to a secluded beach somewhere with close friends and family and have a wedding there without the stuffy traditions and social pressures of a traditional church wedding.

Make Use Of The Music

Music plays an important role in any wedding ceremony and it is a chance for you to personalise yours. Instead of having a church organ playing why not have someone playing your favourite song on an acoustic guitar. That way you can stamp your personality on the occasion and really enjoy the ceremony which is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Nicola Anderson recently got married. Her and her husband chose to have their ceremony on a beach in the Mediterranean and they wrote special wedding music for the occasion.

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