The Time Has Come To Take Control Of Your Holiday

More and more of us are seeking something different for our holidays. The safely predictable all-inclusive package to a hotel in the sun will no longer do. In this article, Jennifer Gordon discusses some out of the ordinary alternatives.

Time for a Change

There is absolutely nothing wrong with all-inclusive package holidays, nothing at all. They are convenient, good value and they offer something for all the family. And all holidays are of worth as long as they fulfill a number of criteria. They need to be enjoyable, interesting and above all memorable.
More than a place to rest your head

On occasion, little thought is put into accommodation choice when booking a holiday. Often this can be as it is pre-determined or perhaps it is because destination trumps accommodation in the pecking order of decision making. In fact where you stay on holiday is just as important a factor as the location of your holiday.

Combining the two can be a great way to make sure your holiday is a memorable one. Many lighthouses in the UK have been converted into luxury self-catering rooms and it goes without saying that these provide interesting sea views. Yurts are increasingly popular with the discerning camper and there are sites popping up all over Europe. Some may argue that once you are in your accommodation you could be anywhere so why bother making a fuss. Those who have experienced holidaying in a lighthouse or a yurt or anything else that little bit different would beg to differ.

Control Of Your Holiday

Beyond the Sea

Cruises are great. But just as a package holiday they have little mystery in their allure. For those who yearn for a life on the open sea, or canal in this matter, there are a number of options other than cruising. If you are just getting to grips with your seafaring legs then hiring a houseboat is a suitable education. You can be your own captain, plot your own course and the beauty of canals? It’s impossible to go in the wrong direction.

Experienced sailors have the truly exciting option of bareback yacht charter. This means you hire a yacht and take sole responsibility for it, usually for a short period of time. You have no crew breathing down your neck and although provisions and such are your duty the freedom is well worth it. If you are a skilled sailor, but purchasing your own yacht is still a way off, then this provides a perfect solution.

Far And Away

If to you holidays mean adventure then how about some astronaut training? The first vacations to the moon are conceivably only a few years away so you might want to get in there quickly. Or if you want to go far but still keep your feet on the ground, how about a trip to the arctic? Just make sure to pack your thermals!

Great holidays are the ones that live long in the memory. So give your memory a treat this year and go for something truly out of the ordinary.


Anna Mathews is a travel journalist who contributes to a range of websites and publications. Her research for this article included hiring a houseboat and visiting, which she hopes to try for herself next year.

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