The Modern Charm of the Electric Fireplace

A fireplace can be a great asset to have in the home. It provides that rustic feeling and charm that makes a home a cozy, inviting place during the colder months of the year. The sight of orange and red flames can bring back warm feelings of nostalgia for bygone eras. It can also bring back memories of camping and being in the great outdoors, and keep an individual happy in looking for the return of the good weather of the summer months. However, for people living in urban and suburban areas, their homes and apartments and condos may not be ideally suited for having the fireplace. Luckily, there is a great alternative for the individual, and that is the electric fireplace.


Essentially the electric fireplace is an electric heater that mimics a real fireplace. It can provide a good simulation of burning coals, wood logs and natural gas. The techniques for producing an imitation flame effect have been around for a few decades. They are often placed inside conventional fireplaces. The electric fireplace provides great ease of use since it plugs into a wall, and can run on a flame setting or used as a heater. This is a great aesthetic option that an electric fireplace has because it means you can run an electric fireplace in the warmer months without the heat of a real fire.

It is important to consider that consumers often choose of an electric fireplace for a room for aesthetic reasons rather than for practical heating reasons. The electric fireplace can provide a great accent and focus to a room without the mess of managing a real fireplace or wood stove. What many people may not realize is that taking care of a fireplace and chimney is often very expensive and time consuming. The consumer must ensure that the chimney is kept clean of creosote build up in the chimney to prevent a disastrous fire, and the ashes and debris from the old fires must be constantly cleaned out. One needs a place to store those ashes and the wood needed for the fireplace itself. The ash has a tendency to get everywhere, and a room must be specially made to accommodate a fireplace. In contrast the electric fireplace has none of these concerns. There is no mess to clean up and no chimney to maintain. The individual also has no need for the tools needed to keep a fire, an important consideration for small spaces.

Electric Fireplace

One great advantage of the electric fireplace is that it is portable. Many people do no live in the same location over a lifetime, and portability means that an investment in an electric fireplace stays with the consumer over time. No remodeling needs to be done to install an electric fireplace since they have no need of a chimney.

It is true that an electric fireplace is less efficient than an electric heater, but the individual should weigh the heating costs against the cost in resources just to maintain a fireplace, particularly in the work involved needed to maintain a fireplace. With this in mind, the consumer can see that the electric fireplace is a comparable alternative to a real fireplace without the burdens of maintenance and care.

Lindsey Ratcliff writes for interior design blogs where you can read about electric fireplaces.

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