The Evolution of Businessmen

Throughout time, some of the most revered people in history have been their own type of businessman. While they may not resemble the modern-day businessman with a suit a briefcase, there are quite a few personal traits that help to make this type of man.

Prehistoric businessmen knew how to create their own tools and hunt for survival. As man evolved, so did their business skills. While physical skills were still important, intellectual skills also came into play, particularly when it came time to invent new products, governments and schools of thought. With each era, businessmen added the necessary skills to keep up with changing times such as learning the ins and outs of the computer age.

Evolution of Businessmen

Today’s businessman is connected to hundreds, and possibly even thousands, of people on social networking sites. They are more environmentally aware and more health conscious. Due to current economic variables most also work longer hours and take less vacations.

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