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Writing a regular resume is not a difficult task – however, creating a resume that looks professional can dramatically increase your chances of getting the job you want. Anybody can create a clean, professional resume, as long as they pay attention to those small details that make the difference. Having said that, here you will find 5 resume writing tips from a pro resume writer:

1. Define The Weak Points Of Your Resume

This is the first step towards improving your resume and convincing your employer that you are truly worthy of the job. Which aspects of your resume need improvement? Is there a particular word or phrase that you repeat obsessively throughout the resume, a word that can be bothersome if repeated too many times? Do you fail to express yourself naturally in writing? Define the weak points and then take care of them, one at a time.

2. Remember The Benefits Of A Resume

When you write your resume and you want to make it look professional, write with the benefits in mind. Remember that in this case, everything revolves around you: you are the center of the action and this is not the time to be modest. You do not have to brag about your accomplishments, but make sure to state all your achievements no matter how small or irrelevant they might seem to you. Make the employer see the benefits in hiring you, stimulate his interest in meeting you in person and finding out more about you and why are you perfect for the job!

3. Carefully Proofread Your Resume

This is by far the most important aspect when it comes to creating a professional resume. A pro resume will never look sloppy – this is why you need to make sure that there are no grammatical errors or typos whatsoever. These errors can harm your reputation and, if the employer sees that you have grammatical errors at the beginning of your resume, he will not even bother reading it.

Carefully proofread your resume, read every word and remove all mistakes. This applies to ambiguities as well: you must never leave room for interpretation in your resume. State everything in a clear and concise manner, and watch your punctuation as well. In addition, avoid contradictory phrases, such as “Past History” (“history” is past, by definition) or “Past Experience”. These constructions are redundant and they do not look good on a professional resume.

Resume Writing Tips

4. Eliminate Fillers

Many people tend to use filler words just to make their resume look bigger and more interesting, but this usually has the opposite effect: fillers are annoying and they can leave the impression that you are trying to fool the employer. Carefully read your resume and see whether there are any phrases that can be eliminated or replaced. For instance, “due to the fact that” can be easily replaced with “because”, while phrases like “During the course of” are completely unnecessary!

In conclusion, you can easily make your resume look professional even though you do not have solid background experience and you haven’t created a resume before. As a matter of fact, everything comes down to those little details most people miss, like proofreading their resume, eliminating fluff text and such. Pay attention to all these aspects and you will look like a true professional in the eyes of your potential employer!

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