How To Make Websites Mobile-Optimized? Step-By-Step Guide!

Stats reveal that by 2014, mobile based browsing would be 50% of the overall internet browsing. It means no one can avoid making websites that are friendly with mobile devices. All the businesses having websites should have to think about either mobile version of the site or a responsive web design.

The difficulties online businesses are facing in mobile optimization include competing priorities and complex mobile optimization process. What companies need is a simple framework to launch the mobile version of their sites. To make the website owners feel at great ease, here is given a step-by-step action plan to facilitate this business operation.

Know What Google Wants!

Being a website owner, you can launch the mobile version of your site or make a responsive web design that automatically detects what device a user is using and then display the design as per screen size. Separate HTML and CSS files can be used or you can go for creating a total different site for mobile on a mobile domain. How does Google feel about these options? Here are some suggestions!

Google welcomes websites optimized for Smartphones in 3 configurations.

i.Sites with responsive web designs, serving same on all devices, with same URLs and same HTML and CSS changing the way a page appears on a device. This is the preferred configuration of Google.

ii. Sites having similar URLs, but different HTML depending on the device of the user.

iii.Sites with separate URLs for desktops and mobiles.

Although, sites following any of the above mentioned configurations are favoured by Google, but preference is given to those following the recommended configuration.

Mobile-Optimized Websites

Going With Responsive Web Designing

According to Google’s recommendation, the best path to mobile optimization is via responsive web designing that provides the same information with different CSS files, serving different mobile browsers. Two options to do this are given below.

  • Purchase theme of responsive web design
  • Contact a web developer to get custom responsive version of your website

Best approach is the one that suits your existing website and also your mobile marketing budget. The later approach, as mentioned above, will be expensive one compared to the first one of buying some responsive web design theme.

Knowing The Limitations Of Mobile Design

Regardless of the mobile optimization approach, certain precautions should be kept in mind during the designing process. Here are some summarized.

More scrolling is irritating

Mobile users don’t like to scroll more, so this should be considered for mobile website. If lengthy content is needed, that should be broken down into separate pages.

Make prominent the needed information

Mobile users don’t prefer looking into the history of a company; instead they prefer to go to the contact information, menu, or any other relevant things. Therefore, better to provide them with the most important information only, instead of making them confused with heavy scrolling and load of unimportant content.

Percentage-based images

Absolute pixel based images can destroy the display, so better to go for percentage-based images.

Availability of desktop site for mobile users

Provide the users with access to desktop site as they may want to spend more time on your site. Also, give them option of mobile to desktop site switching.

Place call to action carefully

At mobile sites, call to action statements shouldn’t be placed in the lower right side, but on top left side to grab the attention of the site visitors.

Opt For Mobile SEO

Although mobile SEO isn’t different from desktop SEO.  Still, it’s needed that all the web pages should have proper title, headline tags, and Meta description to rank high in search engine results. It also helps in getting more backlinks to your site as the URLs are same for the mobile site and for the desktop site.

One of best SEO Glasgow Company to offers services (mobile optimization) with affordable prices. There are few differences in mobile website SEO and desktop website SEO, as given below.

Keywords are different

Users use different queries at mobile browsers compared to desktop browsers. Therefore, selection of keywords to target in the mobile SEO campaign should be made wisely.

Higher search engines ranks

For mobile sites higher search engine ranks are of utmost importance compared to desktop websites. Users don’t scroll enough to explore more pages against their relevant query, so higher ranks are of utmost importance.

Compact HTML or XHTML files should be available

Google bot searches for Doc Type to know the file format while indexing certain site, so make it sure that these files are made available and are unblocked for effective mobile web optimization.

Although, it takes time to follow all of the recommendations of Google, but in fact it’s necessary to win over more site traffic. If you think, you can’t perform all these on your own, go for hiring some experts like Vania SEO Dundee experts to give your existing site a responsive look and feel.

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