5 Ways to Become a Man


When boys are anxious to become men, there might be a few ways that they can prove themselves equal to the task. While some of these techniques are steeped in the chivalry of the Middle Ages, others concern more trivial mechanical matters that most men will be able to successfully handle. Once they have shown their wives or girlfriends that they can accomplish something that is typically associated with manhood, they will have graduated to the next level.

1) Cook a Grand Dinner

Though men love sports, games, and cars, they must also learn to perform some of the chivalric tasks that will endear them to the ladies. By creating a home-cooked meal from scratch, they will surely impress their significant others. Firing up the grill can be a critical part of the process, but guys should also attempt to bake a palatable vegetable side dish on the stove or in the oven. If they want to truly be the gentlemen of the hour, they might also make a beautifully elegant dessert. Pies and cakes are always good and can generally be put together quite quickly with the help of an excellent dessert cookbook.

2) Change a Tire

Because flat tires are inevitable in the lives of most men, they will need to learn how to change out the flat as efficiently as possible. Assuming that they have a spare in the trunk, the process itself is not all that hard. With a jack and a basic understanding of lug nuts, they should be able to maneuver the spare tire into place until they can get to a repair shop. If they are on a road trip with their wives and children, then knowing how to change out a tire will truly make them the guardian angels of the whole family. In fact, there is no greater way to attain symbolic manhood than through the fixing of a car that has broken down on a lonely stretch of highway far from home.

3) Chop Firewood

Chop Firewood

Chopping up some firewood for use in the family fireplace is another way to assert one’s male genes. Most men, in fact, appreciate the rugged outdoors. When they can use a fancy tool to bring warmth and sustenance to their families, they will feel that they are doing an excellent job as a man. In most cases, guys can buy logs from one of the local businesses. They can then take these logs home and chop them into smaller pieces that be used for burning.

4) Mow the Lawn

Caring for the yard is always important, and there is nothing more manly than mowing the lawn with a sleek lawn mower. Guys like to gaze out upon a recent landscaping job with the knowledge that they were integral to the successful completion of the project. Teenaged boys who are just beginning to help around the house can enter manhood simply by cutting the grass every few weeks or so. If they can also haul the grass clippings to the dump in the back of the family pickup truck, they will have given themselves extra style points going forward.

5) Kill a Spider

Though requiring the least amount of physical labor of all the items on this list, men who can quickly dispose of a spider will be considered heroes within the family. Most spiders are creepy, and some of them are also venomous to humans. By coming to the rescue with a shoe or some other hard object, they will be thought of as manly kings. For the pacifist, scooping the spider away and returning it safely outdoors is just as manly and still awards them with high honor in their household. Regardless of disposal methods, they may be subsequently called upon whenever a similar insect infestation arises.

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