5 Ways Doctors Can Use Social Media to Improve Their Practice

There are still professionals out there who don’t really see how social media can improve their business, and doctors are one of them. Most doctors think of social media as a way for people to connect with their friends or for retail chains to offer discounts on their products or services. Since doctors don’t typically give their services away at a discount, they’re unsure how to use these networks for their own benefit.

But what doctors need to realize is that social media can benefit them in numerous ways, and here’s how.

Social media Helps Doctors

1. Social media can help you check up on patients.

By having a social media account for yourself or your practice, you can use it to check up on patients who recently came in to see you. You can ask them if they’re feeling better, remind them of upcoming appointments, or even reach out to ask them if they have questions on medication you prescribed. This provides an extra level of customer service to your patients, and you may just find that your patients are more willing to be open with you and discuss their needs or concerns more willingly.

2. Social media can help you improve your practice.

People use social media to talk about bad experiences and to talk about great experiences, and if you’re on social media, you can learn what your practice is doing right and what your practice is doing wrong. If you see that a multitude of your patients have complained about long wait times or a crabby nurse, these are things that you’d want to address in order to give your patients the best experience. On the other hand, if they rave about how wonderful your staff is or how clean your offices are, you know what you’re doing right.

3. Social media can help you learn what your patients want.

You can use social media to find out what type of health concerns your patients have. Use social media to ask your elderly patients what they’re most worried about as they grow older. With Facebook, you can post a poll to ask this question and provide pre-determined answers. You can then use this information to learn what your patients are worried about, and you can then hold screenings or a health event to help educate your patients on their concerns.

4. Social media allows you to share information.

Some people are purely ignorant when it comes to health, and you can use social media as a way to share basic health facts with your following. For example, every day you can provide a tip to help your patients live healthier lifestyles. Teach them which foods are the best for weight loss, or what exercises are great for pregnant women, or what age they should start receiving mammograms or hernia exams.

5. Social media can help you learn more about medications.

Almost all medications come with side effects, and if you recently received a new medication that you’re prescribing to patients, you can use social media to learn if they’re experiencing any side effects from the medication or if they think it’s working. This can help you determine if a certain drug is worth prescribing to patients or if you should go with an alternative medication.

Every professional can benefit from social media, including doctors. Social media is a great way to provide an extra level of service to your patients, it can help you learn more about how people are perceiving you and your practice as well as what your patients want, and it can even help you learn more about new drugs that you’re prescribing. All of this will make you a better doctor and will make your patients more willing to come to you when necessary.

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